“We never really enjoyed our backyard until we got an Equinox. The tables and umbrellas around our pool were always hotand we didn’t have enough shade. Now, groups of people don’t have to squeeze under an umbrella, and we adjust our Equinox roof as the sun moves during the day.”

— North Carolina Homeowner

“We love to entertain, but our patio was too hot in the summer. My wife wanted an open arbor, while I preferred the closed type. Equinox gives us the best of both worlds.”

— Florida Homeowner

“We wanted a system that would give us both light and shade.Our Equinox adds another room to our house and gives us options we didn’t have before. We’re delighted how Equinox has expanded our space and lets us enjoy the outdoors.”

— California Homeowner

“We close it when it rains, go outside and experience the rainfall. The gutter system is fabulous; there is never any water on our porch. Equinox delivers the quality it promised.”

— Wisconsin Homeowner